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明希 [userpic]


October 14th, 2007 (05:14 pm)

current mood: nervous

I'm about to leave to go pick up Mao from his room.

I got my hair cut though...Yuuya-kun went with me for moral support. It's a change

yuuya took the photo

at the salon... I'm an idiot.

off to Mao-kun now.

Wish my some luck!


明希 [userpic]


October 10th, 2007 (11:59 am)

current mood: cheerful
current song: Marylin Manson

It's quite phenomenal, you know, my lack of patience.

I went to that room to record a song, a song that would be put with a nameless writer in his student mailbox; left to dance around his head and make him wonder who had written it.

But, he was my company in that room.

And I guess it all just came out.

Hardly the dramatic and romantic revealing I wanted.

But right now.

I'm happy with everything.


明希 [userpic]


October 3rd, 2007 (07:12 pm)

current location: my bed
current mood: calm
current song: NIN

hello everyone.

school is going well, i suppose.

i am starting to meet some people, though hakuei-san is the closest friend so far. thank you, hakuei-san! 

also, i met this guy named yuuya in music class. he almost broke my violin case, gah. he's a drummer, you'd think he'd be alot more graceful.

i began assisting in the chorus class today! such a good class~ plus, my friend mao-kun is in there. being with friends is always good.

i need to write my essay for music theory. talk to you later, minna.


明希 [userpic]


September 30th, 2007 (12:34 pm)

current mood: bored

i found some old pictures of me. for those of you who know me...you might laugh.

明希 [userpic]


September 29th, 2007 (12:27 am)

current location: bed
current mood: tired
current song: pachebel - canon in d minor

finally getting with the flow of my classes, and after getting a warning, i finally decided to go to gym.

i am pretty athletic, but not in gym. not where everyone is bigger, stronger and better than me. stick me in a pool, or on a track and i am fine. garunteed i have a bigger, stronger and scarier temper than them all, put together; but that's not about to happen anytime soon.

cigarettes don't help though, honestly. or the alcohol. but do i care? 


i suppose i should return to working on my senior recital, they want me to write songs for the majority of my stringed instruments; violin, classical bass, electric bass and harp, plus a percussion and brass instrument. (not all at once) damn my great idea for a music production career, this is just to get accepted to the school i want to attend after this.

maybe i should just start a band, find myself the right musicians...i am sure there are some here.

ah, though, the days will become difficult, i think, counting...counting.

hakuei-san, it was good to read that you have keys now, next time, try the necklace thing! it's not as silly looking as you might think. do you think that sometime we could meet? i have a question for you.

minna-san, it's time for aki-san to go to sleep.

what will my dreams be about tonight?

probably unsuccessfully beating that god-forsaken bujingai game.



明希 [userpic]


September 27th, 2007 (01:37 pm)

first post. the school is interested, i certainly don't mind the music department, it is as impressive as i expected and my parents were just as pleased.

i spent the majority of my first day decorating my room, you should have seen it when i arrived; horrendous! terrible! i was smart to bring all of my decorations from home.

i haven't met too many people, just a boy in the common area and my currently closest friend, Hakuei, he seems pretty interesting, at least i know the both of us can enjoy some...spirits together, if you know what i mean.

just yesterday though, i was caught by surprise, i think an angel arrived.


time for creative writing class. oh how exciting!



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